Implementation of Process Mining to boost the efficiency of IT support at M.Video-Eldorado | Ramax

Implementation of Process Mining to boost the efficiency of IT support at M.Video-Eldorado

PJSC M.Video, a major Russian company in e-commerce and retail of electronics and household appliances, and RAMAX Group implemented a solution for optimizing the business processes based on the Process Mining technology. As a result of the pilot project implemented for IT service management, the time taken to handle some orders decreased by an order of magnitude, and SLA compliance increased to 97%.

  • Digitalization of the customer service and retailer’s internal processes
  • Development, analysis, and automation of operations to enhance their efficiency and increase operation rate
  • Improvement of the entire business model and transformation of internal procedures and activities using the Celonis Process Mining solution
  • Determination of bottlenecks in processes and collection of objective information for making efficient optimization solutions
  • Designing the business model and developing an analytic system with an ITSM system as a source for creating a combined data model
  • About 30 mln events have been transmitted from the Celonis system at the upload stage, and continuous updating the model and data marts on an hourly basis have been configured
  • The resulting process model combines all support types, including incidents and requests for services
  • “Approvals” and “Tasks” were included as nested sub-processes into event chains
  • The model was enriched with calculated indicators: the incident handling time calculated based on the working day calendar and working hour ranges for a specific SLA
  • The solution makes it possible to improve processes by timely responding to any deviations and rapidly fixing them
  • More than 10 show windows for analyzing incident management and requests for services have been deployed
  • The perimeter of the analysis contains about 2.5 mln chains (30 mln events) a year
  • The Celonis interactive employment made it possible to replace more than 70% reports on processes, including the reporting to SAP BO
  • Data are updated on a regular basis owing to which it is possible to monitor the variation in key KPIs with breakdown by about 200 attributes and respond to deviations almost in real time
  • Costs were optimized and reporting times were reduced
  • The quality of analytics and data transparency were enhanced
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The implementation of process analytics provided us with a tool for the most efficient management of ITSM operations. Since Celonis implementation, the time needed for handling requests pertaining to critical systems decreased by 90% in some cases, and the “SLA compliance” indicator increased from 90 to 97%. The solution makes it possible to improve the processes by timely responding to any deviations and rapidly eliminating them. Process Mining will be used this year to analyze and optimize other processes, for example, “Installation of equipment” and “Fulfillment of a customer’s order”.

Dmitry Emelyanov, head of IT services management, M. Video-Eldorado

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