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Boosting the efficiency of business processes using process mining

business tasks
  • Controlling deviations from procedures and compliance with standards
  • Boosting labor productivity
  • Reducing labor inputs and process execution time
  • Real-time data analysis and support of organizational change
The Process Mining solution offered by Celonis enables the reconstruction of business processes using data stored in information systems, namely 'digital trails’. This technology provides an actual and updated view of the organization's business processes and all versions of those processes.

Scope of application:

Strategic management
  • Streamlining processes of different companies during mergers and acquisitions
  • Planning and controlling adaption to a new product range
  • Planning and controlling migration of processes as part of IT infrastructure upgrades
Universal business processes:
  • procurement and distribution
  • cash flow management
  • logistics
  • management of IT services
  • document management
Specialized business processes
  • mass operations
  • production operations
  • career development and training management
  • MRO

The technology is implemented on a stepwise basis by gradually encompassing the organization’s growing number of processes:

1.       One-time audit of the company’s key processes.

2.       Deployment of the platform for using the technology in a functional area.

3.       Establishing the company’s own center of competence for independent and full-scale application of Process Mining.

implementation effect
Operating efficiency increases owing to:
  • Reduced share of non-optimal scenarios for executing processes
  • Increased productivity of employees and each employee’s KPI
  • Reduced amount of outsourced developments of IT infrastructure and increased efficiency of using the functionality of information systems.

The profitability of the company’s product portfolio grows owing to:
  • Increased conversion in long-lead sales cycles and volumes of secondary sales
  • Exclusion of ineffective sales technologies
  • Optimization of production processes and synchronization of stage completion time frames
  • Reduced cost of creating products.
Completed projects
  • Boosting the effectiveness of retail network business processes using Process Mining technology

    History of success
  • Process Mining technology for enhancing the efficiency of equipment technical maintenance and repair

    History of success
  • Implementation of Process Mining for analysis and optimization of the Tele2 mobile communication provider’s payment process

    History of success
  • Development of an end-to-end purchasing process

    History of success
  • Enhanced efficiency of loan granting using Process Mining at UBRiR

    History of success
  • Implementation of the Process Mining technology to optimize IT processes

    History of success
  • Implementation of Process Mining to boost the efficiency of IT support at M.Video-Eldorado

    History of success

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