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Implementation of the Process Mining technology to optimize IT processes

RAMAX Group, in cooperation with SAP, successfully completed a project to implement the Process Mining by Celonis solution at PJSC “Surgutneftegaz”, a major Russian oil and gas company. The project is intended to optimize IT processes that control changes in information systems (ChaRM), register and handle customers’ requests (Service Desk).

  • Increasing the efficiency of Surgutneftegaz’s IT system.
  • Testing the Process Mining technologies at enterprises for selected IT processes and confirming the expediency of its further usage for various business processes.
  • Enhancing the own expertise in Process Mining at PJSC “Surgutneftegaz”.
  • Improving the quantitative and qualitative indicators for the any functional area of the company’s activities.

  • Functionalities of the systems for analysis and monitoring of IT processes based on the Process Mining technology have been developed and implemented.
  • Suggestions regarding the optimization of business processes have been set forth.
  • The effect expected due to recommended changes in business processes has been predicted.
  • SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and SAP Solution Manager were used as data sources.
  • Two million ChaRM events and about 7 mln events of the Service Desk process have been taken into account.
  • Two data models have been developed for an in-depth analysis of the ChaRM process owing to which this complex end-to-end process for 2 years has been reconstructed in detail and all scenarios of the process flows have been explored.
  • Recommendations regarding the usage of the data mart for the prompt daily monitoring of processes have been developed.
  • A plan of organizational changes that aim at attaining the maximum effect from the usage of Process Mining has been created.
  • Removal on non-optimal zones and subsequent in-depth re-analysis to enhance the potential for boosting performance have been planned.
  • Consulting was provided; Surfutneftegaz users and Celonis analysts and administrators have been trained.
  • The knowledge obtained in the course of the project ensured reliable system operation and independent development of new data marts for the analysis of business projects of PJSC “Surgutneftegaz”.
1. The main areas to be optimized have been determined.
2. A number of tactic and strategic process optimization measures have been developed.
3. The usage of the Celonis system made it possible to identify and digitalize the potential to enhance the performance and quality of processes:
  • The duration of the “Software development” stage was reduced by 23%;
  • the documents pertaining to changes with high and very high priority are now handled two times faster;
  • the average time of the project stage from the start of development to completion of testing was reduced by 15%.
customer quotation

“We used Process Mining by Celonis as an efficient tool for focused optimization of business processes. This technology, which is new on the Russian marketplace, has not yet been used in the oil and gas industry. Nevertheless, we decided to test it on several processes in the company.

The Process Mining capabilities fully met our expectations. We choose such IT processes for optimization which, if their efficiency is enhanced, would quickly beneficially affect the operation of departments that modify and maintain IT solutions. Even now it is already possible that some changes whose necessity was identified in the analysis can be made in the ChaRM business processes. For example, they would speed up the implementation of critical changes in our information systems more than twofold.

We believe this technology to be very promising and intend to use it locally in projects that would involve changes to major business processes. We plan to continue our cooperation with RAMAX as a consulting partner that has unique knowledge and expertise in Process Mining and passes them to a customer as part of development of their own expertise.”

Rinat Gimranov, head of IT department, PJSC “Surgutneftegaz”

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