Arranging the 1st and 2nd lines of support

business tasks
  • Centralization of the collection and primary processing of information that is received within incidents
  • Optimization of incident resolution times
  • Preliminary information preparation for transfer to the third line of support
  • The customer’s needs are analyzed. The customer’s technical support needs are analyzed in detail
  • A request management system is deployed. At this stage, a CRM or HelpDesk system is deployed that fully covers the customer’s needs
  • A team for accepting requests is created. Workgroups for the first and second support lines are created
implementation effect
  • Reducing expenditure on the company’s own support staff
  • No need to arrange call centers
  • Involvement of pretrained specialists requiring minimum additional training
  • Possibility to launch support lines right after analyzing the customer’s needs due to a range of available out-of-the box solutions
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