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Development of an end-to-end purchasing process

RAMAX Group and VTB bank implemented a hallmark project in which the Process Mining technology was used to boost the performance of a complex purchasing process


  • To ensure the transparency of the purchasing process whose various stages are carried out in various information systems and network environments

  • To calculate and monitor the major process KPIs

  • To determine the specific features and details of deviations from standards and procedures both in a particular purchase and in any set of purchases filtered by type, department, timeframe, totals, etc.

  • To analyze the expediency of applying the implemented solution to other business processes


  • A model has been developed for the end-to-end process in which actual data on each purchase stage updated on a daily basis are collected

  • A flexible model has been developed for collection and analysis of data to be adapted for varying requirements of business customers

  • To ensure the process transparency for all its participants, information from all complex systems responsible for different stages of the process was consolidated into a common digital space

  • Monitoring, analysis, and assessment of every stage of the processes are ensured within the unified system


  • The duration of the purchasing process was reduced by 25% with the total volume of purchases increased threefold

  • The process performance was enhanced on all stages, from the creation of the purchasing order or request to the payment under the contract

  • Analysis can now be performed on a daily basis and the process can be visualized instantaneously

  • The process transparency has been enhanced crucially

  • Tools for regular reporting in compliance with business customer’s requirements are now available

  • The Process Mining technology can be extended to other process by development of an own Competence center

customer quotation

SERGEY BARANOV, HEAD OF DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, SENIOR VICE-PRESIDENT OF VTB: “The implementation of the Process Mining technology enables us to explore, as through a microscope, the entire purchasing process down to a particular document, from a request to a signed agreement and payment reports. The bank’s team had to solve a challenging problem – implementation of the solution on the heterogeneous IT landscape – and this task was solved successfully. We can now say with confidence that the VTB group is a leader in using Process Mining not only for enhancing the operational efficiency but also for solving a broad spectrum of business problems. This technology actually enables boosting the qualitative indicators of the major business process to absolutely new standards. The bank will continue using the unique capacities of Process Mining and expand its application to the entire operational activity of VTB.”

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