Implementation of the interoperability project

RAMAX Group developed an information system for inter-operator cooperation (interoperability) for the Russian Highways (Avtodor) State Company.


Provide the possibility to use a single transponder for payments at all toll motorways of Russia Provide information support of mutual settlements for all participants of the interoperability scheme Support of business processes of operators involved in the interoperability system Unite independent toll motorway operators into a single collection system

The global experience in organizing road transport inter-operator cooperation and in related areas was analyzed. Based on the findings, an Inter-operator cooperation information system for automated information interactions for toll motorway operators has been developed.

An agreement on inter-operator cooperation and technical regulations were worked out with RF toll motorway operators and owners and ETS providers. Now the list of toll segments included in the system of inter-operator cooperation is as follows: “Don” M-4 Highway, “Ukraine” M-3 Highway, “Moscow-St. Petersburg” M-11 Highway (kilometers 15 to 58 and the Vyshny Volochyok Bypass, kilometers 258 to 334), private-owned general-use toll highway “Western High-Speed Diameter”, and the new entrance to the Moscow ring highway from the Moscow-Minsk M-1 “Belarus” Highway.

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