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User awareness management

business tasks
Automation of user awareness management. Monitoring the knowledge of employees, for example, in information security. Training employees based on approved courses. Assessment of gained knowledge by testing.
Implementation of a user awareness management system consists of 3 main stages:
  • System deployment. Light branding of training documents: corporate logo and background colors. Modification of materials according to the processes existing in the organization
  • Integration with sources of data, events, and incidents from information systems existing in the organization (DLP, SIEM, web-filtering, access control system, AD, HR system, etc.). By default, all the existing connects and development of 5 additional connects are included in the price
  • Pilot operation, adjustment of correlation rules, drafting of operating documentation 
implementation effect
  • Identifying gaps in staff knowledge
  • Establishing the learning processes and examination of users’ reinforced skills
  • Improvement of operating culture and workforce productivity
  • Considerable reduction of information security risks, particularly spear-phishing attacks and propagation of cryptolockers
  • Automated training of users in the required business processes of the organization and assessment of knowledge learned
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