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Sales planning and analysis

business tasks
Sales planning and analysis support the buildup of a company's strategy in the majority of the most important components:
  • Generation of forecasts for the company's shareholders
  • Shaping the company’s budget
  • Placement of orders for production amounts
  • Assessment of requirements for sales network growth
  • Determining the company’s personnel requirements
The approach to reliable forecasting depends on a number of components:
  • Preliminary data cleansing and preparation
  • Choosing the correct modeling strategy to avoid undesirable effects of retraining
  • Recognition and explanation of data outliers while building the model 
implementation effect
  • Up to 20% increase in the company's revenue in the short term due to clarifying KPIs with accurate forecasting
  • Up to 20% cost reduction in the short term
  • Generation and timely adjustment of long-term development plans, which can ultimately make a major contribution to the company’s development
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