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Preventing confidential information leakage

business tasks
  • to protect against losses related to leakage of information
  • to manage personnel’s loyalty and identify negative trends
  • to encourage compliance with labor discipline
  • to fulfill regulators’ requirements
  • to identify destructive relationships and fraud schemes and provide assistance in conducting investigations.
To implement a Data Leak Prevention (DLP) system in 3 stages:

  • Survey of the scale and engineering aspects of the planned system taking into account the specific features of the organization and development of a technical solution. Analysis of the legal aspects of using a DLP system. Deployment and setup of the system.
  • Pilot operation using universal and industry-wide security policies that are effective for any organization. Identification of specific features and development of a policy relevant to the specific organization.
  • Development of operating instructions, training of personnel, and, if required, drafting or reviewing organizational and managerial documents that regulate the legal issues of using the system.
implementation effect
  • Reducing the number of leakages by up to 100% using corporate resources.
  • Identifying opinion leaders, poorly disciplined and dishonest employees, and valuable but overloaded specialists who begin to think about finding another job.
  • Suspicions about existing fraud schemes and their participants formalized; facts about their interactions and transfer of specific information collected.
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