Managing airport and ground handling resources | IT Integrator «Ramax»

Managing airport and ground handling resources

business tasks
  • Advance planning of resource requirements
  • Managing shift schedules and time management
  • Controlling manpower
  • Optimizing the distribution of tasks with tracking of tasks’ progress
  • Suitable for passenger servicing (check-in and boarding agents), ramp services and equipment, baggage handling (baggage conveyor belts, baggage handlers), and drivers
  • Provides short- and long-term resource planning, real-time performance tracking, immediate adjustments of the staff schedule (for an employee or employee group)
  • A multi-module system that enables flexible integration and consistent automation of processes without loss of efficiency
implementation effect
  • Collection and presentation of information in a clear view that is optimal for analysis and prediction
  • Fast identification and correction of problems in personnel operations
  • Full automation of resource distribution
  • Increasing performance due to two-way data exchange between a dispatcher and a manager
  • Providing high-level services
  • Increasing the level of passenger services: booking management, flight management, searching for connecting flights and alternative flights, management of check-in desks and transit passengers 
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