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Improving MRO efficiency

business tasks

To create a platform based on Process Mining for identification of MRO optimization areas


Process Mining for MRO – a system for analyzing the process in order to detect its weaknesses based on Celonis Process Mining platform:

  • Eliminates the origins of time and money losses;

  • Helps shorten the equipment repair time;

  • Promotes reduction of costs for procurement and storage of left-over stock of spare parts and components

  • Planning (both repair/MRO and accompanying processes, such as procurements, attracting contractors)

  • Budgeting and financial control of implementation (control for overspending and exhausting or quotas)

  • Relationships with contractors (which undertook equipment maintenance)

  • Fulfillment of accompanying processes (procurement, internal logistics)

  • Progress in maintenance implementation (deviations from a plan and their reasons)

  • History of repairs and left-overs

  • Equipment item lifecycle

  • Response to a request (repair/maintenance requests), response to an incident itself

  • Master data validity

  • Application fields of Process Mining for MRO

implementation effect

  • Reduction of losses based on equipment downtime due to downtime reduction

  • Reduction of the MRO budget while preserving/increasing equipment availability

  • Reduction of finances frozen in stock of expendable materials and parts for MRO

Completed projects
  • Implementing an Automated System for Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

    History of success

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