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Control of privileged users

business tasks
  • Antitheft protection of data in root accounts
  • Protection from threats from malicious employees and from operational personnel with privileged access
  • Shortening the incident response time
Implementation of the system for control of privileged users consists of 3 main stages:
  • Survey of the scale and engineering aspects of the planned system taking into account the specific features of the organization and development of a technical solution
  • Deployment and setup of the system
  • Pilot operations, development of operating documentation, and training of personnel
implementation effect
  • The control of account data from target information systems is automated; privileged users do not know account data for target information systems
  • Uncontrolled administering of target information systems is impossible
  • All privileged sessions, actions and entered commands are logged and can be partially prohibited. Work under supervision can be organized
  • Reduction of administering errors, including reduction of malicious errors by up to 100%
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