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Cash collection optimization

business tasks
  • Cutting the costs of servicing a network of ATMs and banking outlets
  • Boosting cash delivery efficiency
The P4 platform for planning, optimizing, and simulating is implemented in 3 stages:

Stage 1. Prediction and planning

Setting the forecasting model in the P4 system for predicting demand for cash for each ATM/banking outlet in a chain on the basis of historical demand data, the banking outlet/ATM type, and demand fluctuations over time (daily, monthly, yearly fluctuations).

Adjusting the calculations for the optimum amount of physical cash and currency denominations range, as well as determining the beginning of the daily calculation of requests for physical cash delivery.

Stage 2. Monitoring and optimization include a comparison of the current level of cash with the forecast for each ATM/banking outlet. The model is adjusted according to the deviation data obtained.

Stage 3. Automated route building

The system calculates the optimum vehicle park composition and determines the optimal routes for transporting physical cash to ATMs/banking outlets. Calculation parameters include:
  • Number of vehicles
  • Number of transport routes
  • Vehicle models (capacity, clearance limitations)
  • Traffic network parameters (distance between destinations)
  • Vehicle operating cost per km and cash collection cost
  • Time of delivery

implementation effect
  • Decreasing the requirements for physical cash stock by 20-40%
  • Cutting cash processing costs by 10%
  • Cutting the transport costs and costs of developing the optimum ATM servicing schedule by 15%
  • Increasing the rate of ATM availability to 96%
  • Automation of cash collection planning
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