Tele2 implemented Process Mining to analyze external payments

December 12, 2018 – Mobile communications operator Tele2 completed implementation of Process Mining by Celonis to analyze and optimize the payment process.
The new system allows the company to optimize the number of payment scenarios. It will also allow the company to reduce the workload of treasury employees, enhance the quality of payment items, and reduce the number of cases where editing documents is needed.  Implementation and go-live of this solution were performed by RAMAX International (a member of RAMAX Group).

Implementation of Process Mining by Celonis at Tele2 was driven by the operator’s intention to maximize the efficiency of the process of forming external payments. The analysis of the payment process previously started fr om the moment when a payment item was created and ended when a bank statement about the payment made was obtained. As part of  the project, over 1 mln payment items downloaded from the operator’s SAP ERP information system were analyzed.

Further analysis focused on various scenarios of payments to external business partners and cases wh ere data are edited. The results of the analysis were used as a basis to create a of internal efficiency rating by payment types and company’s structural units.

“Each of the company’s business processes has its own procedure, structure, and due date; it also assumes well-defined operations both with business partners and internal customers. In participating in the project, we intended to see how our payment process evolves in reality and to determine options to boost its operation efficiency. The Process Mining by Celonis technology enables us to obtain an objective view of the payment process in real time, analyze large amounts of data, take required corrective measures, and monitor their implementation”. Natalya Zhivago, Director, Tele2 treasury

“The active implementation of the technology Process Mining by Celonis for commercial usage in Russia started only in 2016, and it has proved its efficiency many times. This is confirmed by the Тele2 Тele2 project. The operator is already obtaining a practical effect from the deployment and is planning to extend the technology application for boosting the efficiency of its key processes,” - says Dmitry Bulenkov, RAMAX Group’s sales director.

“The demand for Process Mining by Celonis is getting stronger on the market since the product enables tracking even the smallest deviations and bottlenecks in any process. It allows one to understand how fulfilling a specific task can be improved and business targets be attained.  The solution has already been deployed in telecommunication industry in Europe, and Tele2 was the first in Russia to implement such a project. Plans for the further technology development in the company show that the efficiency of Process Mining by Celonis for business has been proved,” says Andrey Goryainov, SAP CIS deputy director-general.
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