Projects of RAMAX Group won in the Global CIO contest “Project of the year 2017”

Moscow, February 1, 2018 - Two projects of RAMAX Group, executed in PAO Aeroflot, won in the Global CIO contest “Project of the year 2017”.
The first project for the implementation of an automated system for continuing airworthiness, maintenance and repair of aircraft was recognized as the best solution in the field of MRO in the transport sector (“The best project in the transport sector” (category). The second project “Platform for working with customer requests” won in the category “Best project in the field of CRM”. The author and implementer is Integro Technologies.

The main objectives of the Automated System for Continuing the Airworthiness, Maintenance, and Repair of Aircraft (AS CA & MRO of Aircraft) is to ensure the functioning of the processes of continuing the airworthiness, maintenance and repair of aircraft in PAO Aeroflot and integrating all phases of business processes into one whole. The implementation allowed the customer to scale the system taking into account the ever-growing fleet of aircraft and integration with existing IT systems of PAO Aeroflot, such as Saber / SAP and ERP / “Reliability”. 

The result of the “Request Platform” project of the Integro Technologies Company was the creation of a platform in PAO Aeroflot for prompt and well-adjusted response to the feedback, complaints and information requests left by passengers, coming from different communication channels, including social networks. The Request Platform is a unique solution that combines BigData technologies for automation and process integration and traditional channels of communication with clients in social networks.
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