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Transportation infrastructure optimization

business tasks
Optimizing and organizing continuous and planned transfer of large volumes of raw materials, fuel, materials, semi-finished and finished goods, and waste through a metallurgical plant.
  • Calculating and organizing optimized transportation routing: cargo dispatching by a whole railroad train (route) to one or more destinations.
  • Simulation and construction of traffic patterns for railway cars at an industrial site, along internal railway tracks and connecting stations of the RF Ministry of Railways.
  • Calculating an optimized operation schedule for all intra-plant means of transport:
        -Assigning specific routes to each vehicle

        -Scheduling internal traffic flow
  • Work scheduling:
        -On-line monitoring and control of compliance with the shipping schedule 

        -Prompt change management in case of emergencies
  • Calculating optimized suggestions for released rolling stock for shipping finished goods, removing waste, etc.
implementation effect
  • Cutting infrastructure management costs
  • Optimal resource and raw material distribution for operation of the metallurgical plant
  • Shorter product delivery times along the entire “supplier – production – customer” line
  • Efficient distribution of railway cars in accordance with current and planned needs, leading to shorter equipment downtimes and delivery delays
  • Minimizing the costs of transportation and storage of raw materials and metal products
  • Reduction of the number of vehicles used, while ensuring their optimum work load
  • Establishing effective coordination with Russian Railways and other transportation companies, as well as port terminals.
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