Optimization of personnel planning and coordination

business tasks
  • Automation and optimization of the process for planning personnel groups
  • Support of strategic and operative planning for personnel groups
  • Optimizing the number of people for shift scheduling
  • Control of compliance with regulation requirements, minimization of labor disputes.
  • Automated paperwork and visual presentation of documents for shift planning, working and resting patterns, occupational training periodicity, and medical check-ups.
  • Higher workforce productivity and overall personnel efficiency due to optimization of pairs and duty schedules
  • Responsive modification of work schedules and shifts in case of emergencies
implementation effect
  • Cutting time waste and financial expenses on personnel coordination
  • Resource saving while maintaining a high quality of work
  • Integration of several planning layers: by time, by location, and by job skills
  • Option to prioritize selection criteria, turn them on and off in planning in case of deficiency or emergency
  • Flexible response to changes: functionality for real time replanning
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