A system for intelligent pricing in the construction industry

business tasks
  • Forecasting sales of real estate and the best period for changing the price of a property
  • Reducing labor inputs in the pricing process due to optimized business processes
  • Supporting decision-making in real time
  • Statistics unit. An interactive report that contains trends in sales, prices, and customer activity. Reports can be displayed in different views, from company-wide aggregated indicators to a specific facility
  • Forecasting unit. Daily upd ated probability of selling a property in the next month. Aggregated forecast results drilled down to the level of an apartment or section blocks in a project
  • Recommendation unit. Daily updated recommendations regarding changes in the price of properties, types of apartments, and section blocks. Flexible settings for recommendations se t by users or changing dynamically, depending on the options for price variation
implementation effect
  • Increased revenues from real property sales
  • More efficient frequency of price changes owing to forecasting of future deals
  • Checking the forecast reliability and demand elasticity in real time
  • Increased additional revenue owing to a flexible approach to dynamic analysis and forecasting
  • Optimized labor input (for example, a reduction in the number of analysts who run pricing procedures in manual mode)
  • Time for making decisions reduced from several days to a few minutes

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