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Information and event management

business tasks
  • Shortening the incident response time
  • Collecting and analyzing events in information systems and hardware, real-time evaluation of their effects on information security, business processes, fraud, etc
  • Storing events for incident investigation
Implementation of the system for information and event management (SIEM) includes 3 stages:
  • Survey of the scale and engineering aspects of the planned system taking into account the specific features of the organization and development of a technical solution
  • Deployment and setup of the system. Integration of the company’s information systems with sources of data, events and incidents
  • Pilot operation; identification of specific features and development of a policy relevant to the particular organization. Development of operating documentation and training of personnel
implementation effect
  • Implementing the real-time diagnostics of anomalies, threats and events influencing IT infrastructure and business processes
  • Automating the incident registration and control process with a possibility of their further investigation
  • Real-time response to emerging threats; connection to FinCert or GosSOPKA
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