RAMAX Group is a steady and reliable player in the IT market.

The value of RAMAX Group for our customers involves its professionalism in all aspects related to joint business projects:

  • a team of experts with many years of experience and deep knowledge of not only the IT component but also with understanding of the interests and needs of business;
  • long-term cooperation with the leading vendors and partners;
  • openness and honesty both within the company and with our customers;
  • high-quality execution of activities of any complexity;
  • a flexible individual approach to the implementation of projects and the ability to hear the wishes of the customers.

RAMAX Group's strategy is to provide the most sought-for solutions with emphasis on their development in symbiosis with cutting-edge IT technologies to its current customers, along with comprehensive coverage of its expertise, project experience, competencies and technology stack in specific industries, niches and market segments via traditional and innovative marketing communication channels.